Bodywear Shortsleeves - red

R 450.00
  • Seamless tight fit
  • Jacquard design
  • Soft gentle touch with good moisture management

Seamless technical first layer with hydrophil absorbtion of sweat and surplus heat. Soft high gage Nylon / Spandex provides you with exstreme body fit og gently touch. Use it as Blue category sleeve under a yellow catagory jacket ( 0 - plus 15 gr ) - or a Blue category jacket ( 0-minus 15 gr ).
A one -in-one pack vest is the smartest choice on a quick run and the Newline Windpack is the best choice. The 70 grams ultra light Windpack is the lightest, most packable garment offering windproofness, maximum breathability and fair water resistance - when tough weather change.

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