Newline Sport South Africa

The idea of creating functional sportswear actually fell down from the sky. From a life-long career within the Special Forces our founder discovered that when jumping parachute and going through a cloud his jumping suit was wet when landing, but the parachute was already dry.

This gave the idea to create the first running suite based on synthetic parachute fabric that was quick drying, light weight and very durable compared to old fashioned cotton based products. This suite was the first functional running suit in the world and by that the Newline company was founded.

Since the beginning the development of our products has been based on wind & water resistance, sweat transport & breathability, Cooling & thermal effect and weight. Together with the highest quality in fabrics and manufacturing this is still the DNA of our products. As a result of the continuing improvement we have now added active physiology to our DNA using fabrics and design that supports and helps the muscles to work even better during training.

Our long experience has developed our knowledge about creating the best products and formed this to be the core competence of the business. We se it as our mantra to find best possible garment fiber around the world to create our products from the beginning. We build our product with the philosophy of making what the runner needs nothing more nothing less. This is our guarantee to you our designers.

As from the start everything is still created with only goal - to give you the best experience.